Club History

The foundation of the club came about in 1951 when the eight members gathered for a football game at Wiggers Cross. They all had an interest in tennis and after several discussions they set about establishing a local club for the sport.

Crinion’s tennis field was singled out as the potential site and after approaching the owners Matty and Charlie Crinion, a deal was struck for the use of their courts with Nanny’s bungalow to be utilised as a clubhouse.

Fuelled by the enthusiasm for a new tennis club the enthusiasts “borrowed” some trees from the Marquis of Conyngham and following a visit to Peter Butterley’s sawmills they were soon in the possession of some fine fencing posts.

Then the job of re-laying the clubs first two tennis courts started. It was a tough task at the time, but with hard work and dedication, two courts were dug and levelled.

All the work was worth it because the club possessed two excellent courts, a bungalow clubhouse and plenty of hops.

The club boasted 40 members in 1951, but the popularity of the sport doubled the figure within a year.
The Pitch and Putt Club was founded in 1964 with the late Fred Meade as the first chairman and Pat Meade as secretary. Kevin Moran won the club’s first open in 1964.

Today the club boasts six all-weather tennis courts, all of which are equipped with floodlights. The Pitch and Putt Club boasts an All-Ireland Championship 18-hole course.

The club has grown from strength to strength due to the commitment of its members and the dedication of its committees.

In 2021 we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of our club.